I‘ve been so preoccupied with my very own busy world that this blog had been left long overdue for a feed.

Where do I begin?

How about an update of my life in Melbourne?  At the moment, we are moving into Autumn / Winter. Well, I tell you what, adapting to the climate is one thing that I’m still having difficulties getting used to. I’m not complaining, in fact I love it! I really do enjoy all the four seasons – the clothing changes and dress ups that come with them. But what I really dread mostly, is the storage and space you need to make for every season!

I come from a country where there is only one season, at most two if you count rainy and hot or dry and hot weathers as two seasons, otherwise it’s just an all year long tropically humidifying day. So growing up, it was only one theme outfit; summer. I only had to worry about working attire, casual and workout attire. No biggy!

So here I am, into my 8th year living in Melbourne, all those years of accumulated purchasing of clothes, trending myself into latest fashion each season has now brought its toll.  LACK OF STORAGE!! Unfortunately, my husband and I don’t have a walk-in wardrobe or a closet big enough to fit our hidden obsession.

Just to list the stuff I owned (for the sake of my insanity and realisation) :-

-          Socks, undergarments, bikinis, pyjamas, scarves

-          Handbags, shoes, fashion accessories (belts, hair pieces, hats, etc.)

-          FOOTWEAR! Ranging from slippers, sandals, boots, OMG infinity!

-          Make-up and skin care products

-          Knit wear, jackets, workout wear, working attire, casual attire

-          KARATE dogi that takes up almost one section of the entire closet

-          SKI gear – boots, jackets, helmets, thermals

OMG, the list goes on! I think I just made a statement, “confession of all clothes hoarder”! Ok not quite a hoarder because I do give away preloved items to the Salvation Army (“certain” preloved items).

This is where thinking outside the closet is required. The solution is, to move into a bigger house with more storage spaces.

I have tried almost every storage solution there is. Shoe boxes, under-bed boxes, vacuum packs, chests, bags and more boxes. A close up garage that’s what we need! Ok, maybe not- BUT, my husband and I have a rule of thumb, “in with the new, out with the old”. Which means, for every new item we purchase, a selected old one has to go.

In some ways having a small closet has brought my shopping habit to a different level. It has caused me to be a smart shopper, to only buy clothes that I truly love and fits well. It’s very difficult finding something that fits me well especially being in the petite department, but I really have to learn not to compromise and go for quality over quantity. But of all honestly, it’s easier said than done :D

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