Take a deep breath, we are our own author

Take a deep breath everyone. It’s sad and heartbreaking news but he didn’t mean to hurt anyone, he just wanted his pain to end that he came to an inordinate conclusion. I’ve gather stories that he was in need of help but did not talk about suicide (to my knowledge). I know there’s been a long desperation, anger and drinking – looking back there were all signs of depression. I guess he was just in a lot of struggle and couldn’t see any other way of dealing with it.


Everyone goes through depression differently; a lot of time people think the sufferer is just being lazy, incompetent and immobilized. I’m not a professional shrink, but any normal person can only offer to listen and get them to look at the bright side.

I’ve had my own losses, but nothing which has affected so many of my childhood friends, this has brought my reflection to a new level. I don’t know what to say, but it has hit me in some degree.  My message to my dear friends who knew him, take a deep breath be strong, don’t blame yourself for it, it was never your fault for the fall. We might think we could have done more, but that does not mean it was our fault.


There are multitudes of reason’s as to why he took that turn. Just remember our life is like a book – we are the writers of our own stories: we turn the pages, we create the chapters. We can’t alter or write someone else’s life, it’s up to the individual and only they can create and write for themselves. No matter how much we have delved into their plot, they were the authors of their own book. So please, please don’t blame yourself for his final chapter.

You my dear friend, Nichole (private joke) you have come in and out of some chapters in my book – we laughed, we drank, we joked but today is a very sad and tragic chapter, where I could only pray and from now own only to remember the good memories of you.

May your soul Reace In Peace, my friend.



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