SEVEN PARKS WALK – a walk to remember

Hello again! I know I haven’t been diligent in my writing, but I haven’t forgotten you completely!

Spring has finally sprung in Melbourne and everyone is out and about embracing life as we should. Skies are bluer, grasses are greener and the air is crisper.

To mark a fresh start for this month, last Sunday Joel and I had the pleasure to participate probably one of the longest walks we’ve done in Melbourne!  ‘Melbourne’s 27km, Seven Parks Walk’. This concept was formed in Sydney called “Seven Bridges Walk” and it’s extension was brought to Melbourne organised by Cancer Council Victoria as the very first  “Seven Parks Walk”.

The day started by commuting into one the the seven event Villages and we commenced the walk by going into a clockwise loop circuit.


It was the first day of daylight saving for Melbournians so technically my brain was still asleep.

After the registration, we were equipped with a Passport, course map and official Wristband. The goal was to stamp each park as we go and eventually one that will say COMPLETED!



Apart from exploring Melbourne’s beautiful gardens & parks, it was also a great way to explore the city in general. So we took our time to take in some parts of Melbourne that we hadn’t explore and appreciate what was around us.


St kilda Road, Yarra River

pages 1


This was also my very first walk around Albert Park, a good 5.5km around the lake. I look forward to come back for a run here, this could be my next fav running spot.


A pop up garden was presented so did my mediationpages2The day warmed up, pleasant enough to strip off those layers but knowing Melbourne that only lasted for a short while

After some 20kms, I did a little dance at the thought that we were on to the home stretch. I can usually lift my legs higher but can you tell it was about to fall off? My feet were dragging through Carlton Gardens but with persistence and willpower I made them move.


We had a 4.30pm deadline to meet otherwise we wouldn’t get our final stamp. I was also determined to finish strong as the reason behind this adventure was to commemorate the passing of both my late parents who lost their battles with cancer.  I had always wanted to do something for cancer awareness and most importantly something to mark my dad’s anniversary in October. The seven parks walk was an opportunity to fulfil all these at once.

6 hours later with several blisters, sunburnt spots and aching muscles……….BUT with a fulfilled heart. :)


 Not a day goes by when I don’t think of my late parents. (My love and prayers goes out to you everyday )and thank you dear husband for your great love and support! xoxox






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