Backyard overhaul – veggie garden

For the past 5 weekends, Joel and I had the most enjoyable experience transforming our backyard into a veggie garden.

What got us to take this turn was for many reasons:

1)      Our housing body corporate decided to put in new fence. By replacing the old brown wonky fence into a better one, means I get more privacy in my own backyard without worrying some weirdo might peep through the holes at me. Otherwise, I wouldn’t even want to step foot in our backyard.

2)      Since I’ve always wanted to have a veggie garden with a lovely patio all the reason to start now

3)      I find having greener veggies planted in soil taste much better than hydroponic

This will be my first veggie garden ever! I’m growing lots of lettuces, rocket and tomatoes, with few herbs here and there.  Looking forward to spend more time in my little hiding place where I can loose myself and can’t wait to enjoy the fruits of our labour.

Now time to show and tell…



Kitty inspecting the newly mulch garden (free from the council). It was 1 days work removing  nasty weeds before filling it up with mulch. Do you like my topiary skill? (it meant to be rounder :P )

We drew up some plans on the computer to work out a rough figure for the number of pavers. Then we had a few experiments in layout to find the perfect fit.

We drew up some plans on the computer to work out a rough figure for the number of pavers. Then we had a few experiments in layout to find the perfect fit.

2-garden diy-compacting

Joel doing the hardest bit of the project- Levelling and compacting the base for the pavers all done manually by hand. We also became specialists in rock removal.

This was followed by laying lawn and filling the gaps between pavers with small snow stones that we bought from Bunnings.



Then we also found bits and pieces of the neighbour’s cubby house being put out for roadside collection and guess what???


Hurray! for veggie bed!

The next weekend while driving around the suburbs to get more free mulch, we came across a stack of pallets. We thought this would make an interesting feature to our backyard. And onto the roof rack they went!


The pallets were made from good quality hard wood but were in pretty rough shape. It took a few days of sanding to bring them to life. A finishing layer of varnish insured protection from the elements and be splinter free!

6-garden-sanding painting

7-garden-deckingThe final part of the project backyard overhaul was putting in the pallets. It was a lot harder than it looked. 2/3 of the backyard is sitting on a slope,  so it took us a long time  to level a 2 x 1.2 area. All sorts of racket happened – more digging,  finding more rocks, more swearing, drilling and banging of hammers till pass sunset. I guess that was the enjoyable part – gardening really takes my mind off everything, something you lose yourself in.

Now, time to reveal the transformation.. are you ready???

8- garden DIY

Oh! It’s also going to be our 4th wedding anniversary this year. On the 4th year gift are said to be “fruits and flowers!” Now, is this just a coincidence or what?? I don’t have to worry about this years anniversary gift that’s for sure :D

SO, Happy anniversary my darling Joel in advance! :)

I know it’s looking very brown at the moment, but hopefully in time, we’ll see more greens (not weeds) and colours xoxo



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