Japan! I made it back home in 1 piece :)

I’m here and I have not fallen from the face of the earth! Really I am. I’m finally back from some extended travel abroad which ended up being almost 3 months! I had limited access to the internet  while I was away, so be prepared because I might just go a bit overboard with my updates!

Shall I continue where I left? Oh yes! Japan! It was an experience like no other. I signed up for 14 days of karate mushahugo (training abroad) which was divided into 2 parts – first half in Tokyo and the other in Okinawa. Things that were taught and practised at the dojo such as ethics and respect for others have now made more sense after visiting Japan. I dare say I have never had such an experience so fulfilling, rewarding and exhilarating. In a very tight schedule of hard training I managed to squeeze in a few sight-seeing excursions as well.

I’ll share with you more of my cultural and life experiences in the next entry but for the time being please enjoy some snippets and highlights of my travels in Japan :)

1)    Old Tokyo (Bunkyo) and it’s quaint, warm welcome


My first 3 nights I stayed in the traditional Japanese Inn (ryokan)  called “Homeikan” . It was very authentic indeed : Slippers, public bath, low tables, futons, wood smell that gives you the Japan-feeling to the bone!


Our stay included breakfast. It was always plentiful and satisfying.


Spring was in the air. Lucky us,  situated just around the corner from the ryokan  were amazing gardens and streets filled with sakura!

Lays few ancient monuments and shrines

There stood a few ancient monuments and shrines

2)    The overwhelming Tokyo

shibuya cross

Big item crossed off that bucket list – Shibuya cross walk at 230pm,


Shinjuku electrifying lights…it was madness! I was definitely lost in translation

3)    Natsuko recital


This beautiful song bird reunited friends from different parts of the world

4)    Crazy fish Market – a long waited line worth waiting for


5)    Our commitment to train karate is not just for physical fitness but also to strengthen the mind and spirit. Martial arts teaches humility, patience, harmony and builds lasting friendships.


Clockwise from Top Left: SKIF GHQ, Naka Sensei Dojo, Kubudo training with Akamine Sensei, Shimbukan Dojo  in Okinawa,  Gojo-ryu training with Mario Higoanna Sensei  in Okinawa


Waterfall mediation training… it was cold as ice

6)    Celebrating a new leadership and the inaugural International Seminar of SKIA.


Australian delegates



I got to doll up in an elegant kimono

That’s all for now, till then Ja-Mata-ne… :)

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