My favourite thing :)

I was cleaning out my laptop and found this interesting lyric which I have made for Karyukai’s gasshuku a couple of years back.  We were ask to present something related to karate, so I came up with this. I thought I’ll share it with you guys here. I’ve changed the lyrics from “Sound of Music – My favourite thing” to a die hard karyukai karate version. It really made me smile after belting it out a few times! :) What is your favourite thing?

Karyukai’s favourite things

Dojokun, Yakuzuki, gedan barai and maigiri,
Heian shodan, heian nidan, Kankudai and empi
Bundle of white dogi tied in a string
These are few of our favourite things..

Jona and Tuan are karyukai’s first students
Bouncing and punching with baggy white garments
One thousand punches till arms feel  a  sting
Puffing and sweating are our  favourite thing

Then came a new student who was big, tall and  bold
He looks very fierce  and sometimes too cold
His punches and kicks are  solid as rocks,
Don’t  mess with Roger’s coz’ his strong as an ox

 When the joints ache,
When the hips shake, When the arms grow tired
I simply remember my favourite things
than I don’t feel so bad

Gradually Karyukai was swapped with more students,
Japanese, Malaysians, Europeans and true blue Australians
Young and old, children they bring
These were a few of my favorite scenes..

Aspirin for Back pains and deep heat for muscle
Massage  to ease pain caused by our tussle
Mouth guards, and shins guards but don’t wear your ring
These are few of my favourite things

When we puffed hard, When we sweat lots
We’re  burning all the fat
I simply remember of all my favourite things…
Then I don’t feel so sad.

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