Marvellous March Madness: Having a dream and crossing out that bucket list.

Manifesting a bucket list is easy to do, but reducing it out usually takes a longer time, well at least in my case. It’s a slow process but I’m crossing it out one at a time.

This next expedition on which I am about to embark means a great deal to me. Being a karate-ka (karate practitioner) for 20 years, I am a step closer to fulfilling my long life dream that is to set foot into the place where it all started.  You guessed it right, JAPAN!


Souvenirs for my trip

Every year, my sensei would organise trips to Japan to train with respectable grandmasters of all kinds of martial arts. In the martial art world they call it ‘budo training’. Apart from all the physical training the ultimate goal is to deepen one’s knowledge by enhancing the personal, spiritual and ethical development. So in other ways you may look at it as a martial arts pilgrimage.

I put off the idea to train in Japan a couple of years ago. With the endless responsibilities of being an adult it was getting a bit difficult to put in the commitment. But somehow or rather, my supportive husband has pushed me into that direction and I never thought the day would come so soon.

securedownload (1)

March 7th: JKA Australia organised national seminar conducted by visiting instructors from Japan – Mori Sensei, Naka Sensei & Okuma Sensei.

7 days away from departure and  I’m starting to get butterflies in the  stomach. So what have I done to prepare myself for this trip?

I have only decided to be part of this trip late January this year. I was mentally and physically prepared but as we got closer to the trip my training regime was/is not looking too great.  Sadly, I have hurt my shoulder cuff rotator for the past 5 weeks and it has meant frequent visits to the physio trying to mend me.  The recovery is taking much longer time than I expected. Not much karate training or even weights were advised by my physio with the exception of running.  Besides working on my fitness, I’ve also download an app for Japanese language, but still my Japanese is horrendous. I also did a huge amount of online research on what to do in Tokyo so fingers crossed I’ll have time to do a bit of sightseeing.

The trip isn’t far away and I need all the strength and luck for my recovery.  I can’t wait to see and experience the vibrant city of TOKYO and OKINAWA! Doing what I love (travel + karate), what could be a better way to experience Japan! Not to mention being able to cross out two items in my bucket list. You only live once hahah…#YOLO :)

Catch your dreams and have it all, just not all at once.
Mata aimasyou! (See ya later!)

Photos: Cover photo of John san and her daughter Tayna demonstrating  at “Flavors Festival, Pharan”.


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