Valentine’s Day – A Romantic Comedy Scene

This year valentine’s day was somewhere in between being impulsive, last minute, romantic, surprised, funny and unpredictable! All Joel and I wanted to do was to chill out and just enjoy each other’s company so this is how and what happened:

1) Lovely Surprise! – We agreed not to go mainstream by keeping it casual but someone cheated or perhaps his definition of “casual” means rocking up with 20 stems of red roses and gifts!!!

Image (1)Awww…still I love them though. And guys, the macarons are gorgeous petite treats from La Belle Miette which are to die for! I am ever so grateful for the bracelet as it meant so much to me because I am a step closer to achieving my long life dream (that’s on my next post).  On the other hand, this was my supposedly “casual” affection – trying to be inventive and creative when I only made him a “hidden love message origami”.

Image (2)For instructions you can visit this website:

2) Impulsive and last minute – Joel didn’t get home till 6:30pm that Friday. The weather looked finer than what was expected, so we decided to celebrate the day in the park. I quickly whipped up some meals  and Joel marinated the meat for BBQ. We quickly scrambled for every kitchen utensil we could get hold of and off we went to The Yarra Bend Park.




Fancy our twilight set up??? We sat under a fig tree with candle light and some red props to set the valentine’s atmosphere, looks quite romantic doesn’t it??? well….up until….

3) The unexpected company! – We sat for about 10 minutes or so and soon after sunset, the TREE where we were sitting under was suddenly infested with gigantic fruit bats!  Mind you fruit bats in Melbourne are as big as half a meter long. Chittering and feasting, droppings of all kinds were on the table!

 I still had a good appetite so we moved away from the bats and onto the lawn. I wasn’t going to waste the wonderfully prepared meals we made. I recreated a savoury tart of caramelised onion and tomato that I had had at a local cafe. It accompanied the bbq’d lamb cutlets nicely.



Next thing you know, a nomad appeared out of nowhere with his dog (as they do I suppose). His car had broken down so he came over for a bit of a chat – he was fascinated with our lights. We had a most interesting conversation and we ended up inviting him (and his dog) to share our meal. Shorty the dog was having a heck of the time with his cutlets… Why not share the love eh? 

When you look back it’s hilarious in a way that not everything turns out as a romantic perfect ideal – bats, nomads, dogs poaching your cutlets … It’s not always the rosy scene – sometimes I think that we are playing out a “romantic comedy” script but we do our best to have a good time. In many ways these times make for a more memorable experience and we are happier for it. I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines day even if it wasn’t perfect, I am sure when you look back you will laugh about it; we certainly did (bats!).

Happy Batentines day!



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