Hello world!

I’ve always wanted to write a blog, but can’t quite find the right tune of what to write. Since Joel + I are working extensively towards the Big Day organizing and planning everything ourselves, thought this seem to be the right time to start. The date is set on 27 Nov 2010 and we are going to have it in Perth, Western Australia.

This blog is also dedicated to our friends and families who lives half way across the globe who wants to be tapped into our quest leading up to the BIG Day. Hopefully the information I post about will also be helpful to others in the planning process of a wedding.

Planning has been pretty smooth so far, Joel + I are having a blast! Besides all the wedding stuff I will also chronicle everything that I love and interests me. I just hope it will be a frequent post and entertaining.



3 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. love love love your blog. I think poor Callum is sick of looking at the computer screen with me for the past hour while I read all your posts hehe. They are very informative and entertaining…
    what’s the significance of juneteneleven??

    • Thanks Sarah…was a bit sceptical to start a blog at first.. >_< June – ten -eleven it's our birthdays, have you forgoten already?? :)

  2. I just jumped back on here to say yeah now I get it – June 10th and 11th! I have a baby brain:) I was thinking it meant June 10 2011…

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